K & K Systems has over 30 years of experience in Medical Billing.
A recognized leader in the industry.

Complete Billing Service

K & K Systems offers the perfect solution for all of your billing needs. We begin by having our Practice Management Consultants evaluate your practice, your current billing procedures and your collections.

We will analyze how to improve your billing and collections and will introduce new procedures and train your staff on how to work with us. Your office will be assigned an account specialist that will oversee the daily operation of billing and collections and the communication between your office and ours.

Your current billing CPT codes, modifiers, ICD-9 coding, fee schedules and target coding will be analyzed by our Practice Management Consultants to be sure your billing is accurate and to maximize your reimbursement.

We can custom design new “Superbills” and setup scanning hardware and software for daily transfer of all billing documents. Your daily charges and EOB’s are entered within 24 hours and are electronically billed. Introducing new ideas and procedures will streamline your office, maximize your collections and give your staff more time to focus on patient care and building your practice.

Our specialty is accident billing - both car and work related. NYS NF3’s, NYS C4.0, C4.2 and C4.3 are easily generated by our software, and mailed to the carriers and the WCB with your reports. We electronically bill to over 41 carriers in NYS and the WCB! We receive reports back within 24 hours, and are able to correct and resubmit claims within minutes. We can help you fill out MG-2 Variances. We prepare car accident cases for Attorneys so they can quickly arbitrate or litigate. The cases are charted, and we follow them until you are paid.

We also give you access to your database so you can print your own statistics; collections and aging reports; birthday, new patient and recall reports and view all information that is attached to your patients accounts.

Monthly we will meet with you to review your statistical reports and to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your practice and collections. Working together as a team will increase your financial strength and will give you time to concentrate on what really matters . . . your practice.


Continuous Service

No vacations, sick days, staff turnover.

Consistent Cash Flow

Due to immediate filing and electronic billing your billing is consistent and therefore so is your cash flow.

Electronic Billing

We receive claim status verifications within 24 hours of transmission. With immediate resubmission of rejected claims.

Specialty Billing

We specialize in Surgical, NYS No-Fault and NYS Worker's Compensation billing. We prepare and track No-Fault cases for arbitration and litigation

Follow Up

We continually follow up with patients, insurance carriers and attorneys. Claims over 30 days delinquent are identified and resubmitted accurately for payment.

Management Statistical Reports

Monthly management statistical reports are generated and studied by our practice management consultants. Our job is to identify ways to improve your collections. We help you staff tailor their office procedures and show them how to focus on your patients needs.

Timely and Accurate Billing

Your financial strength is directly related to timely and accurate billing and reimbursement. We use the best software technology in electronic and paper claim filing. Target coding and correct usage of CPT and ICD-9 codes and modifiers is the key ingredient in obtaining maximum reimbursement for every service that you provide. .