K & K Systems has over 30 years of experience in Medical Billing.
A recognized leader in the industry.

Practice made Perfect

  • Thousands of doctors nationwide have used Practice made Perfect for over 30 years. Practice made Perfect includes patient, insurance, auto and work related accident billing, scheduling, daily notes, certified HIPPA compliant electronic billing, certified NYS Worker's Comp. electronic billing, mail merge, customized reports, narrative report generator and much more... We have almost 3 decades of working with our clients, tailoring our software to meet their needs.

  • Patient Information

    • Numerous reports are available using data filters. For example, you can create reports, letters, postcards, and mailing labels for a specific doctor, by class codes, by insurance type, for a specific date range, and much more!

      Print New Patient, Birthday, Referral and Recall Reports. Merge this information and send out recall letters, birthday postcards, referral “thank you” letters or welcome notes. Print labels to do any type of mailing.

      Communicate with your patients! You will be amazed how your practice will grow!

    Insurance and Condition Information

    • Multiple patient cases can be maintained concurrently under the patient’s account number. You can have up to 9,999 concurrent cases, without duplication of patient information.

      Worker’s Comp., No-fault, Medicare and other state-based cases are maintained under a patient’s single account. Just click on the appropriate button and access this “case specific” information.

      Insurance dollar limits and office visit limits are tracked for each patient. You are notified before the patient reaches their limits.

      Practice made Perfect specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehab, Surgery, Orthopedic, Psychiatry, Neurologists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Pain Management, Internal Medicine, Nurse Practitioner, X-Ray, MRI, ... and many others.

    Day Sheet Processing

    • Our EXCLUSIVE Patient Transaction Profiling System feature gives you the ability to memorize specific CPT codes, insurance percentages, and patient co-payments for EACH service that is charged to the patient. The patient’s unique insurance coverage is retrieved with one click of the mouse - with all the balances automatically calculated and immediately displayed.

      Charges and payments may be entered on a single line. Receipts can be printed immediately.

      Auto Payments take less than 3 seconds to post. Payments can be applied to individual charges, or applied to a range of charges. Unpaid visits can be automatically rebilled.

      Fixing mistakes are easily done by clicking on the “fix mistake” button


    • “Practice made Perfect” is probably one of the most versatile billing programs on the market today. The billing options, filters, and subsequent reports far exceed that of our competitors.

      “Practice made Perfect” can create the following bills:

              Patient Statements professionally formatted for due-o-vue envelopes
              Patient Receipts and Insurance Statements (great for attorney use)
              HCFA 1500 forms and Electronic Billing to Major Medical Carriers and secondary cross-overs.
              NYS Worker’s Comp. C4, C4.1, C4.2 & C4.3 forms & NYS No-fault NF3 forms - the software prints the forms and the data.
                 You can also electronically bill to the NYS Worker’s Comp. Board and select carriers including State Insurance Fund!
              Bill by dollar amount, number of office visits, date range, doctor, insurance type, patient, insurance carrier.
              Claims can be reprinted at anytime. Each individual claim file is saved.
              Electronically Bill to all carriers nationwide. See information about our Electronic Billing Service option.


    • Our free-form appointment scheduler gives you the flexibility to schedule appointments at any increments of time, for any doctor. Past and future appointments can be viewed, along with their status (missed, rescheduled). Print the schedule and track missed appointments, etc.

      Optionally, you can purchase an appointment system through K & K called “Schedule View”. This program will integrate with our software (i.e.: patient alerts, etc.). It is a very sophisticated, state-of-the-art appointment scheduler, with 3 packages available, depending on your needs.

    Narrative Report Generator

    • This feature enables you to create narrative reports for insurance companies. It extracts information already posted in “Practice made Perfect” and loads it into the narrative. A well written, formatted narrative is generated from “Practice made Perfect”, with very little effort.

    Patient and Office Notes

    • Daily notes can be tracked for each patient, and printed. The Office Notes screen enables your staff to leave messages for one another (i.e.: need to order supplies, verify insurance coverage for a patient, etc.).

    Practice Management Reports

    • Numerous statistical and analytical reports are available. Generate them for your overall practice, for individual doctors or for any date range. Weekly, monthly and yearly comparisons are important in analyzing the growth of your practice.